5 Golden Rules Of Buying A Stylish Suit

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5 Golden Rules Of Buying A Stylish Suit


The internet is a great place to find a stylish suit. You can purchase a suit from various sites for a relatively low price. Some sites offer custom suits, while others sell ready-made suits that can be tailored to your body measurements. Even if you do not want to go to a tailor, you can buy a suit online and have it shipped to you in a day or two. However, when buying suits in Dubai, follow the 5 golden rules below.

Avoiding bold patterns:

Many different patterns and colors are appropriate for business occasions, but there are a few things you should avoid. The most important thing to remember is that bold patterns tend to draw attention. You don’t want to draw attention to your frame if you are vertically challenged. To avoid this problem, consider wearing one or two bold colors with a neutral suit.

Avoiding suits that are too big:

Getting a suit that fits correctly is one of the most important aspects of shopping for a stylish suit. An ill-fitting suit jacket can make a man look bulky. A well-tailored single-breasted jacket creates a long, lean line, and a structured shoulder can add authority.

Two-button suits are the best choice for 95% of people:

A classic two-button suit is the safest bet for building a suit wardrobe. It flatters most body shapes and gives you a confidence boost. Even the heaviest of gents can look slim with a two-button suit.

This classic style is the most popular among men with average height and build. However, if you have a more athletic build, you may want to opt for a three-button suit. This style is also ideal for tall men.

Avoiding suits with vents:

One of the most important aspects of a stylish suit is the fit. Vents can look unsightly on a suit. They will make you look shorter and rounder. While vents are not always undesirable, some people prefer them. Some vents are visible, and some are barely noticeable.

Depending on the style, vents can be functional or decorative. Single jacket vents are the most common but are not the only option. A double-vent jacket is usually a much more expensive option. It also offers more room for movement and easier access to the jacket’s pockets.

Avoiding suits with blends:

Wool is the most basic fabric for a suit. Look for suits made from wool yarn from reputable countries. The yarn should be a full canvas, not a blend. Wool suits can last for a decade with proper maintenance. Blended fabrics are often cheaper.