February 6, 2023

A Look Into The Future Of Drone Photography

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Drone photography in Dubai has become a very popular form of photography over the last few years, and many photographers have taken advantage of this technology to get amazing shots. The benefits of adding people to drone shots are many. Adding people in the shot gives the viewer an idea of the scale of the shot and gives them something to relate to. This makes the image much more powerful and captivating.


RCPano is a drone photography app that allows you to take pictures with your drone’s camera. You can select three shooting modes and customize the white balance, exposure compensation, and the number of rows and columns. The app also helps you maintain the drone’s position and minimize drifting errors.

Manual mode:

The most common mode of drone photography is a single shot, in which you adjust the exposure and frame of the photo and take a single photo. Another option is AEB, or auto exposure bracketing, which takes three to five identical shots with different exposure values. This is useful if you are unaware of the exposure or in poor lighting conditions.

Manual mode gives you more creative control over the final image. It also allows you to use the full potential of your drone’s camera. This is especially useful for photographers interested in capturing moving objects or practicing aerial exercises. In addition, manual mode keeps the drone in its current position.

ND16 filter:

An ND16 filter is a great way to improve your drone photography, particularly when flying outside in the sunshine. It works by reducing the light entering your camera lens by four stops, resulting in a more balanced image. It also slows down your shutter speed, which helps prevent the Jell-O effect.

Image color profile:

To capture cinematic quality video, choosing the right color profile for your drone footage is important. While the default color profile is called “Normal,” it does not preserve the dynamic range or cinematic details that make the footage look great. Using D-Cinelike, on the other hand, preserves highlights, mid-tones, and shadows. This will produce footage that is more pleasing to the eye and more realistic.

Drone camera’s gimbal:

The gimbal is the most critical part of your drone camera. The gimbal’s rotors control the camera’s position and axis rotation. The drone camera and gimbal work together to produce excellent footage. Gimbals are sold separately or as complete units with a camera integrated. The gimbal and camera are attached with screws, cables, and mounts.