Facilities You Can Enjoy At Kilimanjaro Mountain 

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Facilities You Can Enjoy At Kilimanjaro Mountain 


Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing mountain in the world. It is Africa’s highest mountain and stands 5,895 meters above sea level. Despite the name, kilimanjaro hiking package has three volcanic cones. This tourist destination is known for its amazing facilities they offer to the tourist. Listed below are some wonderful activities you can enjoy in Kilimanjaro.

Camping grounds:

There are many huts on Kilimanjaro Mountain, but there are other options for accommodation. There are also camping grounds. Most of these campsites are dormitory-style, with four to twenty beds per room. In the past, huts were available for trekkers to stay overnight during their climb, but now all visitors must use tents.

The park authority maintains campsites on Kilimanjaro. They provide camping grounds for trekkers and metal huts for those who would prefer to stay in a hut.

Toilet tents:

Toilet tents at Kilimanjaro offer privacy and convenience. These private tents feature a portable chemical toilet with a seat and flush mechanism. These are easy to set up and carry. They provide a better alternative to public facilities. They also provide a comfortable space to sit while peeing.

Availability of porters:

The availability of porters is important to consider when planning your trip to the top of Kilimanjaro Mountain. Porters are the backbone of the trip and are indispensable to your climb. Although this job requires hard work and dedication, it is not without its hazards. The job is incredibly strenuous, and porters can be subjected to extreme temperatures. They may only receive one or two meals daily and often carry heavy gear and camping equipment.

In addition to carrying personal equipment, porters can help you save energy and ensure the best possible summit conditions. They can even transport extra food and water. This is a crucial service, especially since altitude takes its toll on our bodies.

Activities to do while staying at Kilimanjaro Mountain:

You’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views when you stay at the Kaliwa Lodge on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. The lodge has ten bungalows decorated in Bauhaus style. The staff will arrange day trips and short hikes up the mountain, and you’ll be able to enjoy the views from your private balcony. You’ll also want to check out the local wildlife – duikers, monkeys, and birds live in the area.