Skills A Nanny Should Have

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Skills A Nanny Should Have


A nanny is an individual who cares for children and usually lives with the family for whom she works. This position can be rewarding, but it is important to know that this role is not for every family. There are many types of nannies. In addition to nannies, there are also home nannies. If you want to become a nanny, be sure you have the following skills to handle children effectively. Check here to know about breastfeeding in Dubai.

Sense of humor:

A nanny should have a great sense of humor. A sense of humor is important because it helps people deal with difficult situations. It’s important to be pleasant in your amusement and to be aware of your audience. Some people find it inappropriate to joke about their misfortune, so a good sense of humor will enable you to challenge inappropriate jokes with dignity and humor. Another important skill is to appreciate small moments.

Humor encourages children to interact with others and helps them express their feelings. Children who have a sense of humor are considered trustworthy, dependable, and kind by others. Humor can also promote language development, and it has been linked to creativity and emotional intelligence.

Ability to multitask:

The ability to multitask is an essential skill for a nanny. But it is also important to have limits. A day is only twenty-four hours long, and you have a limited budget and resources. Thus, you should keep your workload manageable and limit your multitasking to one project at a time.


Regarding taking on a new task, adaptability is one of the most important skills a nanny should have. It involves experimenting with new ideas and coming up with creative solutions. This skill can be developed by taking reasonable risks, which will benefit you and your employer. Experimentation is essential because it will bring about innovation. Accepting change as a normal part of life is another good skill.

Organizational skills:

Another skill that a nanny should have is organizational skills. Often, a nanny will take care of many children at one time, and they will need to keep track of their schedules and activities. Having excellent organization skills will ensure the safety of your charges and make it easier to locate things when you need them.

Sense of responsibility:

A nanny’s most important responsibility is communicating with parents and the children she cares for. To do this, the nanny can keep a diary or log of the day’s activities. She can also note down the children’s behavior or school work.