Kinds of window tinting

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Kinds of window tinting

Man installing window tinting on car.

There are many kinds of window tinting available. Every tint has different features prices, etc. Read this article so you can know the different kinds of window tinting Dubai.

  • Colored window tinting:Don’t have a lot of budget? Don’t worry! You can get colored window tinting in this situation. These kinds of window tinting are comparatively lower in prices and prevents the sunlight by the help of various layers of the color. The solar heat is captivated by the color and the heat is stopped from going inside your car. But, keep in mind that the colored window tinting doesn’t give a very good protection level when compared to other kinds of window tinting.

The appearance of colored window tinting is non-transparent which is good if a person wants to have more privacy. The drawback of colored window tinting is that it fades with time and of course need to be changed.

  • Blended window tinting:As we can understand from its name that this kind of window tinting is made up of two things namely particles of metal and dye. The widely used blending used is of ash dye and titanium. This blend is the perfect because it is not very dark and it is also not very reflective. However, you can say that the window tinting with this blending is quite accurately bright. This kind of window tinting gives goof protection and also stops a huge amount of ultraviolet rays.
  • Transparent window tinting:There are people who want to have window tinting for their cars but they don’t want the window tint to be dark. For such people, transparent window tinting is a great option. These kind of window tinting prevents the UV rays and there is absolutely no requirement for a dark tint. With transparent window tinting, nobody would even know that you have a tinting on your car.
  • Metal window tinting:This kind of window tinting uses small particles of metal to prevent the sunlight. The particles are so small that you cannot even see them. The advantage of these kinds of window tinting is that they are resistance to shatter. Metal window tinting is very shiny and glossy. These kind of window tinting are long lasting.

Now, you know the most common kinds of window tinting. You must have gotten a clear idea. I hope that you can now easily decide what kind of window tinting you want to have for your car.

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